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The Desert Foothills Sheriff’s Posse is an all volunteer organization of specially trained men and women who serve the residents of Maricopa County Arizona in Cave Creek, Carefree, Desert Hills and Tonto Hills by providing law enforcement support services to the Sheriff. We are a group of unpaid individuals who gladly give their time and effort every year to help keep our community safer. In addition to patrolling our neighborhoods, the DFSP conducts vacation watches, answers audible alarms, transports prisoners, provides deputy backup and ride as 2nd man units.  All of these duties provide additional eyes and ears for the Sheriff’s Office in your community. DFSP owns and operates a number of fully marked patrol cars equipped with radios, allowing direct communication with MCSO deputies and dispatch.  Posse members also carry portable radios for traffic control and other details.  Other equipment is available for details such as fingerprinting, search and rescue, etc. 
About Desert Foothills Sheriff’s Posse Serving Cave Creek, Carefree, Desert Hills  & Tonto Hills